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Jack Colwell


As the political writer for The South Bend Tribune, I covered Roger Parent’s service as a city council member and then as mayor of South Bend. I admired his efforts in government to consider the welfare of all parts of the city’s diverse population, not just those with political clout. The stories he tells of upbringing in a small town in “The Making of a Peace Corps Volunteer” explain how lessons learned back in Lille, Maine, led to his desire to serve the people of other lands and his Peace Corps assignment to Thailand. 

Roger could relate the same stories of upbringing and service in Thailand for a memoir titled “The Making of a Mayor” or “The Making of a School Board President.” The same characteristics and desire to serve that led him to the Peace Corps were evident as well in his successful efforts as mayor and then in recent years as a member and president of the South Bend School Board. 

Jack Colwell 

Political columnist and adjunct associate professor, University of Notre Dame


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