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Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel
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November 21, 2012 

Dear Roger,

I have had the pleasure of reading your Manuscript, “The Making of a Peace Corps Volunteer: From Maine to Thailand”, and I have enjoyed it very much. The first part of the manuscript, your formation in the Saint John Valley in Northern Maine is the part that I am most able to relate to, as it is my home also. I found it to be very engaging and enlightening. You grew up in the time when the Valley was in transition, after World War II. The old folk culture was beginning to give in to modern pressures and you were in the midst of it, trying to resolve being of a minority culture, speaking a different language, and forging a life in a new age. You took advantage of a new program (Peace Corps) based on service to a people half way around the world from where you were raised and had to resolve problems that arose from past experiences radically different from those you grew up with. 

I recommend this well thought out oeuvre to anyone who feels tied into a situation they believe to be out of their control. Your example acts as a way of coping with change and making it work positively while giving service to others. 

Thank you for honoring me with the chance to read this manuscript before publication.


Don Cyr, Founder & Director
Musee Culturel du Mont-Carmel
Lille. Maine

Musee Culturelle du Mont-Carmel, Lille, Maine, Formerly a Catholic Church, c. 2011

Musee Culturelle du Mont-Carmel, Lille, Maine,
Formerly a Catholic Church, c. 2011

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